02 March 2007

rapides parish sheriff candidates campaign finance reports

back at 21 february 2007, charlie over at thoughts from rapides... posted (see link) that the rapides parish sheriff candidate campaign finance reports are available at the state ethics board website. charlie noted that "RPSO Major Mike Slocum and also pharmaceutical sales rep Chuck Wagner are available" but "For some reason, Bill Robinson's is not on there." since we subscribe to charlies rss feed we knew about his post that day and we went over to the state ethics website but we couldnt find any of the campaign finance reports.

if you have ever been on the state ethics website you probably know what we are talking about. that website is probably in the top five most important state websites (at least for us political junkies) and quite frankly it is a (pardon our french...not really) clusterfuck. the website is amateurish at best and probably made to be confusing and practically unnavigable to the novice internet user at worst. it needs a total overhaul and streamlining. earlier this week there was a dust up over on emily metzgars blog because, among other things, she pointed out in her weekly shreveport times column some of what she feels is shortcomings on the state legislature website. clerk of the louisiana house of representatives, butch speer even wrote a comment taking issue with ms. metzgar. we spend some time on the state legislature website and find it to be pretty easy to navigate around and find information on. some, if not all of the things ms. metzgar suggests are certainly good ideas but in our view making the state ethics board website user friendly should be the highest priority.

anyway, like we said we looked around on the ethics board website for all of the rapides sheriff race candidate campaign financials that were available -- then earlier tonight someone out of the blue sent us maj. mike slocum's campaign report and so we have posted it. we will post the others when we find them or if someone sends them to us. this blog accepts anonymous comments so if you have the url to either/and or all of the candidate reports please feel free to leave it in the comments. thanks

michael d. slocum
post office box 5364
alexandria, louisiana 71307
dial up warning - 192 page 4.0 mb .pdf file.

william m. robinson
619 elmer road
elmer, louisiana 71424
23 page 605 kb .pdf file

charles f. "chuck" wagner, jr.
post office box 1670
alexandria, louisiana 71309
17 page 304 kb .pdf file
more later...
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