28 March 2007

jim brown proposes moving date of la presidential primary

how we get on all these email mailing lists we dont have a clue. we're not complaining though and we have always liked jim brown. did you know that his daughter is the nbc news anchor campbell brown?

New Orleans, LA. March 23, 2007… The New 99.5 FM’s Jim Brown* says Louisiana could be a major player in presidential primary politics and save over a million dollars by taking one simple step- moving the presidential primary currently scheduled for February 9, 2008, to this fall.

On his 99.5 FM radio show this morning, Brown proposed that a non-binding presidential primary be held in Louisiana on November 17th, the day of the gubernatorial run-off election.

The legislature, meeting in a few weeks, could authorize a presidential “beauty contest” where each party’s voters could choose their favorite candidate two months before the Iowa Caucuses on January 14, 2008.

The move would cost the state nothing. In fact, it would save the state at least $1 million.

Brown says “any serious presidential contender would have little choice but to spend time in Louisiana, run a media campaign and build momentum for the early spring round of elections. It would be the nation’s first indication of what voters are thinking, what issues are important, and which candidates are the emerging favorites.”

To prevent legal challenges by national parties, the election would have to be non-binding. But even though the results would be non-binding, Louisiana would jump from irrelevancy to leader of the pack. Plus, Brown says, “it would be fun to see the slugfest up close and first-hand.”

Louisiana Secretary of State, Jay Dardenne, who appeared on Brown’s show this morning, says the idea is worth serious consideration…“you have come up with a very intriguing idea and it is not something we have considered before.”

*Jim Brown is the former Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana. His show is heard every weekday from 8am-11am on 99.5 FM, a full service news/talk radio station in New Orleans. The radio station’s website provides complete audio of all local shows every day at www.995fm.com

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