28 March 2007

cenla blogs page 2

note: we've noticed that blogs come and go, so some of these blogs could be deleted or no longer posting.

last updated 8:07 pm cdt monday 07 july 2008

this is page two of cenla blogs the first cenla blogs page became too long.
started on 06 july 2008 observations from around alexandria, la. and central louisiana. alexcenla says that his blog is a work in progress so check it regularly.
anyone interested in winn parish, louisiana, is welcome to post comments on this blog.
written by someone who calls herself "jess" and lists her occupation as "full time princess" it seems like it could be a fun blog to follow...so...click on over and check it out. leave a comment and give her some encouragement.
heres a new blog we recently stumbled across. it seems to complement a publication called "the light." according to the first post from 24 august 2007, the blog as well as the newspaper is produced by a lady named sherri l. jackson of alexandria, la.
cenla current promises to be "the digital crossroads for central louisiana"
it features news stories and forums for readers to browse and comment on.
they also offer free @cenlacurrent.com email addresses

laughter and the lighter side of life in...well...cenlaugh!
written by an as yet (although we have a strong suspicion who) unnamed central louisiana news media personality who styles herself as "blogger" it could turn out to be one of cenla's hottest new blogs. so click on over and check it out.
started by "spanky" of cenla antics fame. this blog promises a "moderated discussion of information and events that affect our lives in central louisiana...partisan bickering and personal attack will not be seen here."
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