31 March 2007

the piyush rats nest


  • local rats get some piyush payback
  • a little piyush payback
  • gov-elect piyush scam appoints lra bungler to transition team

  • ----ORIGINAL POST----
    heres another list of rats from around alexandria and central louisiana. these rats are all working together to abolish america's freedoms and the constitution and bill of rights as shown by their support of and for the rhodes scholar communist and treasonous traitor to this same constitution and bill of rights piyush "bobby" jindal to be louisiana's next governor.

    if you love america and our constitution and bill of rights you should consider this the next time you do business with one of these rats.

    Host Committee

    Dr. & Mrs. Dale Allen
    Dr. Keith Ashby & Dr. Agnes Solon-Ashby
    Mr. & Mrs. Stacey Auzenne
    Mr. & Mrs. Elton Beebe*
    Mr. & Mrs. Dale Behan
    Dr. & Mrs. Robin R. Bennett
    Dr. & Mrs. Rayland K. Beurlot
    Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Bossier, Sr.*
    Mr. & Mrs. Toby Brazzel
    Mr. Donald R. Brown
    Mr. R. O’Neal Chadwick, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Blake Chatelain*
    Mr. & Mrs. Tim Collins
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Crowell, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunningham
    Dr. & Mrs. Vasudeva V. Dhulipala
    Dr. & Mrs. Michael Dole
    Dr. & Mrs. M. Lawrence Drerup
    Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Dubroc
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Duncan
    Mr. Jimmy Faircloth, Jr. & Dr. Kelly Faircloth*
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Gamburg*
    Dr. & Mrs. James L. Gates
    Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Guillory
    Dr. & Mrs. Wilton A. Guillory, Jr.
    Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Harris
    Dr. & Mrs. Harry R. Hawthorne
    Mr. & Mrs. Blaine C. Hebert
    Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Hixson*
    Mrs. Joy Nalty Hodges
    Dr. & Mrs. Arun K. Karsan
    Mr. & Mrs. Azar Kayal*
    Mr. & Mrs. Randall B. Keiser
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kinberger
    Mr. & Mrs. Lansing Kolb*
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kyle
    Dr. Robert L. Levy & Dr. Jo Lea Levy*
    Mr. Glyn Vercher &
    Mrs. Kimmie B. Leyser-Vercher
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Maddox IV
    Mr. Sam Mahfouz
    Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Mansour, Jr.
    Mrs. Mary Jo Mansour*
    Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Martin
    Mr. & Mrs. Finley Matthews
    Dr. & Mrs. Eden D. Moran
    Dr. & Mrs. Arsham Naalbandian
    Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Norem, II
    Mr. Charles Northern
    Mrs. Teresa Northern
    Mr. Reldon Owens
    Mrs. June Peach
    Dr. & Mrs. A. Craig Pearce
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pearce
    Mr. & Mrs. W. Brent Pearson
    Dr. & Mrs. Sudha Pillarisetti
    Mr. & Mrs. David Pope*
    Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Price*
    Mr. & Mrs. David Pugh
    Dr. & Mrs. James G. Ralston*
    Dr. & Mrs. Navtej S. Rangi
    Ms. Barbara Rayford
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Rayford
    Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Rich
    Mr. Kenneth Robison*
    Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Rundell
    Mr. & Mrs. H. Brenner Sadler
    Dr. Carl Schofield & Dr. Wendy Schofield
    Mr. & Mrs. Randall Seeser
    Dr. Dinesh Shaw
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shelton*
    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Simpson
    Mr. Steven Snow
    State Farm of Central LA
    Dr. & Mrs. Terry Texada
    Mr. Don Thompson
    Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Tudor, Jr.*
    Mr. Chris Tyler
    Mrs. Sonia M. Vaughn
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vilar
    Mr. & Mrs. Foster Walker III
    Mr. & Mrs. Walter Warwick
    Dr. & Mrs. Renick Webb*
    Mr. Robert D. Webb, Sr.
    Dr. & Mrs. Jim Welch
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wells
    Mr. Charles Weems*
    Dr. & Mrs. Howard G. Wold
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wolf
    Dr. & Mrs. Romel C. Wrenn

    * Bobby’s Club Members
    Cordially invite you to a reception with

    Bobby Jindal

    Tuesday, April 3, 2007

    6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

    Alexandria Golf & Country Club
    Highway 165 South

    Business Attire

    Host: $1,000 / Ticket: $500 per couple
    Please make checks payable to:
    Friends of Bobby Jindal
    P.O. Box 82860
    Baton Rouge, LA 70884

    Bobby’s Campaign Sponsorship Levels:
    • Bobby’s Club: Individuals who make the maximum contribution of $5,000 to Friends of Bobby Jindal.
    • Committee for Louisiana’s Future: Individuals who commit to give and/or raise $25,000 for Friends of Bobby Jindal. (Maximum contribution per individual or legal entity is $5,000).
    • Governor’s Council: Made up of key friends and supporters who commit to give and/or raise $50,000 for Friends of Bobby Jindal. (Maximum contribution per individual or legal entity is $5,000).
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