29 November 2005

throw the bums out campaign has started in pa

we came across this news item this morning and its really good news. a sign hopefully. we know that there are many of us working for change here in louisiana too. you know i put tom delays mug shot up because he has been in the news so much lately, one thing that occurs to me is when did the law allow the well known to pose in their mug shots? arent you supposed to be holding a small chalkboard with the date and your prisoner number? like this one X
anyway we are really anxious to see how coming elections will play out - are we serious or not in throwing the bums out.
heres a nice quote by chad rogers of the dead pelican he says it so eloquently: Things can change, but it won’t come with the current attitude of Louisiana’s people. I’m tired of blaming our elected officials; they are simply a mirror image of us. They are a reflection of our states values, hopes, and dreams. They’re us; we’re them. Louisiana is the way it is because we want it that way. When we don’t want it anymore, it will stop.

Chad E. Rogers

Scripps Howard News Service
Throw-the-bums-out campaigns are getting a boost from the Internet. Take a look at Pennsylvania, where voters are irate at the Keystone State's politicians for devising a clever scheme to get around a constitutional prohibition against raising their own pay. Incumbents pushed through a law giving themselves immediate salary increases of more than $11,000 by padding their expense accounts.

Lawmakers felt voter wrath over their backdoor pay raise would subside before next year's legislative elections. But they didn't count on grassroots campaigns launched overnight on the Internet, where groups like PaCleansweep.com and RocktheCapital.org are happily stoking voter outrage about lawmaker perks, fat pensions and leased cars with Web sites featuring the sounds of squealing pigs.

In this month's balloting, the anti-incumbent groundswell scored a victory by ousting a state Supreme Court judge - the first time in 36 years state voters rejected a judge. More incumbents are lined up for defeat next November.