23 November 2005

mike foster stepped in it

yesterday on the moon griffon show former governor foster called in to give his side of the levee dispute. cb forgotston explains it better than we heres a quote from mr forgotston's blog: "Louisiana Weekly correspondent and talk show host, Christopher Tidmore was co-hosting with Moon when Foster unexpectedly called in. Wrong place, wrong time for Foster.

Tidmore nails Foster like I have never seen any politician in LA nailed by anyone in the media. This is one for the LA Political Hall of Shame.

Kudos to Tidmore!

we have to say that it was an amazing segment and it got us to thinking - we wondered if there is a way to record streaming audio? well luckily we are very google proficient and within seconds we found a company called cooolsoft they have a small program called "power mp3 recorder" so we downloaded the small (1.31mb) trial version and was on our way. we had a question and posted it on cooolsoft's forum and it was answered quickly! anyway to get back to former governor foster and the levee dispute- this reporter named christopher tidwell really did a great job questioning the governor and the segments ending with moon griffon saying he was glad the governor called that "somebody must feel guilty about whats going on" was great.
Foster Caught In Three Lies About New Orleans Levee District, Say Wilson and Bruno
Governor Claims He “Had No Recollection”
Now Thinks Levee Board Bidding Was Corrupt
Foster Admits That He Did Nothing.
(Provided by
C.B. Forgotston)


the written transcript of the interview X

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