17 November 2005

La State Senators Betrayal Noted

Below is a copy of a stinging editorial by Neil S. Kavanagh, to be published in Tuesday's North Side Journal.
remember these names: Senators Jay Dardenne, Sherri Cheek, Art Lentini and Gerald Theunissen

Louisiana Betrayal
Neil S. Kavanagh

I wish I could ask this question of every Louisiana citizen who works, pays taxes, and expects decent government. “How does it feel to be an indentured servant of the state?”

Because that’s what you are.

The Louisiana State Senate just voted to allow for a “plan for registration, early voting, absentee voting by mail, and election day voting,” anytime the state is under an “gubernatorial declared disaster or emergency.”

With this vote, the Senate has opened the door for massive election fraud in this state. The key is the phrase “absentee voting by mail.” This allows anyone, to send in a ballot, and vote an election without any verification of their identity.

Before the passage of this bill, voters could register by mail, but would have to appear in person to vote. They had to sign the register, and had to show identification. Now, none of that is necessary. A potential voter can register from by mail from anywhere and vote the same way. They never have to appear in person...ever.

This vote has a chilling effect on every citizen of the state. For every vote to change the status quo and reform Louisiana state government, the powers in Baton Rouge and New Orleans can now enter a canceling vote. The concept of fair voting in Louisiana is gone, wiped out with the vote of 24 senators.

This bill allows those who have abused the citizens of this state for their own personal gain, to continue that abuse. It practically insures that the corruption which infects Louisiana will continue unabated. It renders your vote worthless.

The betrayal comes from those who voted for this sham.

We expected this type of underhanded behavior from some of these senators, like Diana Bajoie and Ann Duplessis who stand to lose most of their base because they have taken up residence our of state. We expected this from Senator Charles Jones who has more ethics violations than any other current member of the Louisiana Senate. We did not expect this type of betrayal from Senators Jay Dardenne, Sherri Cheek, Art Lentini and Gerald Theunissen.

These senators have taken the support and faith of their constituents, and betrayed them. They have smiled and reassured the voters that they would stand for honest state government, and then sold their vote for the promise of future political favors from a corrupt New Orleans contingent.

There were voices from around the state which held out hope that somehow the hurricanes would afford Louisiana another chance at legitimacy. Maybe, just maybe, our kids might come back home. Businesses would return. Taxes would become more reasonable, state government would become more responsible.

That hope is now gone, erased by four men who betrayed an entire state.