27 October 2007

nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings upset her internet tax maneuver came to light

louisiana's senior senator and george dubya bush and republican dildo, katrina mary landrieu snellings, is upset over the below 'ad' put out by the national senatorial republican committee. katrina mary, disingenuous as usual, insists it distorts her voting record.

advocate excerpt:

WASHINGTON — A Web ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee is frustrating U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, who said the piece distorts her record on the vehicle the GOP is using to attack her: the Internet.
The GOP is using the ad to bash Landrieu for failing to support a permanent ban on Internet taxes. The ad has been effective because it has Landrieu’s campaign staff scrambling to cover the Internet tracks where the GOP ad has played.
“People who are legitimate supporters of us are calling up and saying ‘What are you doing?’ ” Landrieu spokesman Adam Sharp said. “It’s just picked up by on the Web site and forwarded.”
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