31 October 2007

dog smells fishy

.mp3 here

duane "dog" chapman:

"i dont care if she's a mexican, a whore, whatever. it's not cause she's black its because we use the word nigger sometimes here. i'am not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything i've worked for, for thirty years, cause some fucking nigger heard us say nigger and turned us in to the enquire magazine. our career is over. i'am not taking that chance at all. never in life. never...it's not that they're black, it's none of that, its that we use the word nigger -- we dont mean you fucking scum nigger without a soul, we dont mean that shit but america would think we mean that..."

hmmm and then after dog said all that it winds up getting turned over to "the enquire magazine."

"enquire magazine" story at link

transcript here

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