12 October 2007

schwing! kalb acquiesces to the blogosphere...again; finally airs apd taser abuse story

blogosphere - 2
kalb - 0

well, well, well, only about thirty hours after the town talk was the first msm outlet to break this important story which was first posted by the blogosphere eight days before even the town talk got around to reporting it... kalb tonight at six o'clock follows suit. nevermind that kalb had about an hour of film in the can on the story since last thursday 04 october 2007. wst... understands that kalb was originally set to air the story tuesday 09 october 2007 but was delayed because the news director didnt want to seem to be 'slamming' the alexandria police department.

however, after the town talk quoted alexandria mayor jacques roy (we'll leave out the 'baggy pants' bit...this time) that "it's intolerable to me that we're just finding out" and alexandria police chief daren coutee stating "the video is disturbing," they must have took that as their que that it is alright to air the story.

direct link to video