01 October 2007

cleo disappoints: endorses purple circle & colomb scammer yvonne dorsey

june 2007 wafb & caroline moses catch state representative yvonne dorsey red handed using her office to give away citizens tax money in the form of $50,000 to a near defunct 'social club' ~ the purple circle and giving away $300,000 to what wafb called her boyfriend -- to his non-profit, the colomb foundation.

of course nothing happened and now ms. dorsey because shes term limited from her seat in the house of representatives and because of a "quirk" in louisiana's term limits law is running for state senate.

this is the laaaaaast person that needs to be in an office of public trust. in fact rep. dorsey should be investigated. sadly cleo fields disappoints in his choice for a successor and shows that for more reasons than one that the state supreme court in his case made the right decision..

read more about state representative now state senate candidate yvonne dorsey's shenanigans here

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    the louisiana secretary of state elections candidates database says that the remaining candidates for state senate district 14 are: Jason M. DeCuir, Democrat, Yvonne Dorsey, Democrat, Willis Reed, Sr., Republican, Steven K. Schilling, Democrat.