19 October 2007

37 + reasons to reject the piyush "bobby" jindal scam

no one will be happier than us when the clock strikes eight o'clock tomorrow night saturday 20 october 2007.

its sad to see that around fifty percent of the citizens of this state have lousy minds and cant think properly when it comes to seeing through the piyush scam. this really shouldnt be surprising when you consider that eight-eight percent of the voters in piyush's congressional district are too lazy, too apathetic and too stupid to look at his voting record and see just what this subversive rhodes scholar is up to. maybe at some point in the future scientists will learn that consuming crawfish makes you stupid or something.

piyush's votes for amongst other things include the usa patriot act, the military commissions act, the john warner defense act which voided posse comitatus and the real id act will ensure that your children piss on your graves for supporting this servant of the anti-christ and his unceasing help in foisting the anti-christic system on this country. all these laws at some point in the near future will be used against you and/or your children.

around fifty percent of louisianians are too dumb to understand and to heed that old maxim that "if it sounds too good to be true - it is!"

cenlamar excerpt:

5. In 2005, Bobby Jindal voted against the creation of a bipartisan ethics taskforce. (HR 213, Vote 106, April 14, 2005).

11. Bobby Jindal skipped a critical vote that would have established an independent probe to investigate the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina (HRES 437, Vote 471, September 15, 2005).

23. Bobby Jindal has continually voted in direct support of President Bush’s Iraqi War agenda, including votes against establishing benchmarks and votes opposing important oversight provisions.

33. Bobby Jindal received $50,000 in bundled donations from a Colorado-based company seeking a permit to build a controversial landfill near Baton Rouge.
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