19 October 2007

saturday 20 october 2007 ballot

for what its worth, admittedly not much, this is how we plan to vote:

governor - t. lee horne, iii

lt. governor - sammy kershaw - phase 1 of the drive out the landrieu regime. phase 2 comes next year when we kick mitch's sorry sister the george dubya bush and republican dildo katrina mary landrieu snellings to the curb.

sec'y of state - scott lewis - jay dardenne the incumbent, from his voting record as a state senator is a rino. plus he unnecessarily screwed up the sec'y of state website.

attorney general - buddy caldwell

commissioner of agriculture - wayne carter

bese district 5 - keith guice

constitutional amendment no.1 - against

constitutional amendment no.2 -against

constitutional amendment no.3 - for

constitutional amendment no.4 - for

state senator district 29 - jerry guillory. one reason we choose not to vote for the incumbent joe mcpherson is because he voted for sb14 against treasury sec'y kennedy.

rapides sheriff - robert tanner - we first came to admire mr. tanner back in the spring when he would appear almost every two weeks to give the alexandria city council hell. mr. tanner is the only candidate talking about corruption and 'the old boy mafia' and you can bet that with a sheriff tanner alexandria city councilmen charles frederick smith and roosevelt johnson would be kicked off the sheriff departments payroll post haste.

representative district 27 - rick farrar - if the piyush "bobby" jindal scam wasnt a factor in this election we would probably support chris hazel, despite the fact that mr. hazel doesnt come off like hes very bright and looks like hes lost in a fog.