27 October 2007

gov-elect piyush scam already stabbing his snake-charmed supporters in the back

according to the times-picayune (see link) 'ol piyush the deceiver has made (so far) two appontments to his so called 'advisory council' on ethics reform.

the piyush scam trotted out two dinosaurs virginia shehee and sean reilly. the times-picayune painted these two as 'former legislators' however, the t-p conveniently left out the part about ms. shehee being the president/ceo of kilpatrick life insurance company. an insurance executive and ethics go together like oil and water.

the t-p does point out that sean reilly is a democrat who serves on the board of the louisiana recovery authority. why someone would want one of these lra bunglers to advise about ethics is another mystery, especially when you remember that back on 01 may 2007 the piyush scam was concerned enough about the lra and the road home program which is an lra 'recovery program' to send a letter to governor blanco about a projected deficit of some $4.4 billion dollars.

oh, maybe this has something to do with it:

Reilly is president and chief operating officer of the outdoor division of Lamar Advertising, the Baton Rouge billboard giant that is the only Louisiana company on the NASDAQ 100. He is the second person with strong ties to the company to receive a high appointment in the Jindal team, following transition chairman Timmy Teepell, whose father, Tommy Teepell, is Lamar's chief marketing officer.
meanwhile, the shreveport times printed a feel good propaganda piece written by the piyush "bobby" jindal scam captioned "improved image, competence, responsive government fall under 'fresh start' call."

the piyush scam just like all republican and democratic con-artists says one thing and does quite the opposite.

"pinestraw" isnt tricked though as you can see by this comment left on the shreveport times.

piyush is nothing more than old wine in a new bottle and we suspect that more and more websites and blogs like this one will be springing up to remind everyone of this fact.