01 October 2007

hats off to bayou buzz and stephen sabludowsky for leading the media awakening to the piyush "bobby" jindal scam

some excerpts from mr. sabludowsky's essay posted 01 october 2007...

Tonight, WDSU will be hosting a gubernatorial debate and, of course, the leader of the pack, Bobby Jindal, also will be AWOL as he has been so often in the past. This means that he will have not allowed the people of the state to test his ideas on Fox Network, on NBC, on any of the mass television communication mediums so we can churn his ideas among others.

Apparently, we will have a statewide debate days before the election which will not allow any of the candidates enough time to respond to assertions or political landmines. Jindal did give us the pleasure of his presence on lowly LPB which only the real politically-focused might have watched in what was the most stilted debate in modern times.

In the case of Jindal, while I recognize his talents, I am very concerned about his unwillingness to answer questions about his own campaign reporting, his religious views and its implications on government, and his unwillingness to engage the very type of open government he preaches.

I am very concerned that he is snubbing the very people he says he wants to represent as if they matter very little. The whole idea that he is refusing to engage in debates tonight on NBC which forum could potentially reach hundreds of thousands throughout the state hit so hard by the storm is the height of insult.

It is incredible that he lacks the courage and backbone to test out his ideas against the other candidates so we can see him in real action, yet, come Election Day, it looks like we are going to act like sheep and elect him as governor, possibly in the first round.speaking at one hundred-fifty-words per minute or so does not mean one will be a good governor.

The bottom line is that Jindal owes it to the people of Louisiana the decency to air-out his views before he is elected to lead this state. I am growing weary of his ducking public forums and statewide forums. He is insulting the people of Louisiana.