25 October 2007

new jindal watch website & blog launches

best of luck to this blog

"Bobby" Jindal has done it. The liberal media are gushing, thrilled that Louisiana has elected its first non-white governor since reconstruction. No one seems to be able to see past the hoopla to the fact that Louisiana has once more gone hook, line and sinker for a slick packaged, smooth talking "reformer".

Following in the footsteps of the great "reformers" Huey P Long and Edwin W Edwards may not be an easy walk for Jindal. First of all, he has to convince the State Legislature to go along with all his multi-point plans. Will he be another Buddy Roemer, who when the legislature rejected his advances took all his marbles and went home and pouted for the rest of his term? Or will he truly take charge, as his predecessors Long and Edwards did, and mold the state in his own image?

In any event, he has a long row to hoe.
And we will be watching.