01 October 2007

'catastrophic volcanic eruption' 70 miles off the coast of yemen

drudge is linking to a story thats just coming out...the canadian navy reports:

A volcano has erupted on a tiny island off the coast of Yemen, spewing lava and ash hundreds of feet into the air, a Canadian naval vessel near the island in the Red Sea reported Sunday. Ken Allan, a Navy spokesman, said a NATO fleet just outside the territorial waters of the island reported seeing a "catastrophic volcanic eruption" at 7 p.m. local time. [1900 yemen time = 1100 cdt] The two-mile-long island is about 70 miles off the coast of Yemen. The closest ship, the HMCS Toronto, is heading toward the island.
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in this google earth snap - the capital of yemen - sana'a
can be seen in relation to tehran and baghdad

looks like the blog signs of the times first posted about this eruption over 10 hours ago: 'middle east volcano erupts in fiery anger!' in this excerpt the writer john jay harper says:
[W]e are witnessing the truth of the ancient wisdom axiom: "As Above So Below, As Within So Without." In a nutshell, as we see our emotions boil over-the-top, so shall we see the core of the earth mirror our outbursts of anger. You think "road rage" has us concerned, you ain't seen nothing yet when you piss off Mother Nature!
in december 2006 mr. harper warned coast-to-coast am listeners "about what he believes is a devastating solar flare event coming in 2012 that will cause Earth's icebergs to melt, massive volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and planetary magnetic pole reversal, as well as general chaos and widespread panic."

this is sorta related to lloyd stewart carpenters theories about an upcoming 'polar shift.' mr. carpenter says that the magnetic field will reverse at the same time the poles shift by the poles shifting he means that the earth will flip-flop. north pole will become the south pole and vice versa. there is a clip of mr. carpenter's january 2006 radio interview with jeff crouere in related posts below.

radio netherlands Monday 01 October 2007 16:01 UTC:
Volcanic eruption on Yemeni island
Jabal al-Tair - Four soldiers have died in a volcanic eruption in Yemen. They were buried under molten lava. An unknown number of people are missing. The eruption took place on the tiny island of Jabal al-Tair in the Red Sea, 140 kilometres from mainland Yemen. It's not clear how many people were present on the island, which is used as a maritime checkpoint. The Yemeni authorities say the eruption was preceded by a number of tremors.

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