15 October 2007

proctor & gamble whines over boasso use of a tide box in tv ad

according to der angriff northside journal, proctor & gamble is whining about 2007 louisiana gubernatorial candidate and state senator, walter boasso's use of a tide detergent box in his latest campaign commercial. what a bunch of putzes proctor & gamble is, especially when you consider all the tide senator boasso bought through the years and this is how they pay him back :

Bonnie Lemoine, spokesman for P&G at their Pineville plant said the company has not given Sen. Boasso permission to use their trade name. "The first ad the Boasso campaign ran using our product and trade name was rather mild and we were prepared to overlook the infringement," said Lemoine, "However this new ad goes way over the line and we can't let this go."
we sense another proctor & gamble rumor coming on: see proctor & gamble + satanism

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