31 October 2007

gov-elect piyush scam appoints another LRA bungler to transition team

more piyush payback

despite promising a 'fresh start' the piyush "bobby" jindal scam continues to appoint to his transition team, louisiana recovery authority bunglers, dinosaurs from past administrations and major campaign contributors.

theres no way that a fresh start may be had when piyush continues to use the same old good 'ol boys and insiders who's control has supposedly ruined this state. however, as far as the louisiana recovery authority goes their rank incompetence cannot be denied which makes appointees from this bureaucracy even more perplexing.

lots of people tried to warn you that piyush was a liar and a con-artist, his congressional voting record proves that. our conscience is clear -- is yours?

advocate excerpt:
Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal on Tuesday tapped another member of Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s Louisiana Recovery Authority to serve on his transition team.

Lake Charles lumber company owner Dennis Stine will lead the search for Jindal’s commissioner of administration and the revenue secretary.

Stine was Gov. Buddy Roemer’s commissioner of administration. He serves on the LRA’s board of directors.
Stine is the second LRA board member to be named to the Jindal transition team. LRA board member Sean Reilly is helping Jindal put together an ethics reform package for a special legislative session.
we searched "stine" in the piyush scam's campaign contributors and not all of the "stines" listed below are affiliated with dennis stine in the advocate article.

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