29 October 2007

know nothing political hack royal alexander weighs in on nola da case

royal alexander tells kalb's michele godard about the length of something

republican darling, accused sexual predator, mark foley page scandal player, suspected extortionist emailer and extremely inexperienced attorney royal alexander seizes an opportunity to jump on the impeach eddie jordan bandwagon. in a statement released on 27 october and receiving extensive and extended big play on the right wing biased the dead pelican website mr. alexander says
“I am absolutely supportive of Senator Scalise and Representative Henry’s efforts. For too long Eddie Jordan has been allowing dangerous and violent criminals to walk the streets of New Orleans. Now he has crippled the DA’s office with his outlandish discrimination lawsuit, ending in a $3.7 million settlement that could bankrupt an entire public office.”
however, an investigation by central la politics blog, a blog produced by a longtime licensed attorney, finds that mr. alexander wasnt even licensed to practice law until 09 april 1998. furthermore, a search of lawyer legal databases which central la politics is privy to, reveals that mr. alexander has handled only one case in the courts of appeal "in which he had only a supporting role'" and that mr. alexander has "absolutely no criminal experience."

mr. alexander appears to be just another political hack who will shamelessly seize upon any opportunity upon which he very likely knows nothing about in an attempt to make political hay.