11 October 2007

town talk first msm outlet to break easter sunday alexandria police brutality; taser abuse incident

justice for the alexandria 1

9:21 am easter sunday 08 april 2007

9:21:40 am [full version begins at 9:21:37]
within twenty seconds ms. moses stopped at 9:22:00
9:22:26 ms. moses opens her door...
9:22:35 ms. moses is dragged from her car...and told not to be a smart-ass.
9:23:10 tasered and tackled...
9:23:10 till
9:24:23 [1m13s] roughed up; cuffed and made to lie face down in the pavement and likely taunted...
removed from pavement and placed in apd squad car at 9:25:03.
3m23s elapsed
other videos: 'policemen joking about a taser attack'
youtube short video: 'alexandria, la. police brutality'
only eight days after being reported to you first out here in the blogosphere, the alexandria daily town talk reported today on the developing story you read and saw out here first...

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