29 October 2007

a little piyush payback

a couple of days ago we posted about the piyush scam's appointment of virginia shehee and sean reilly to his 'advisory council' on ethics reform.

today in between times when suddenlink internet service was actually working, we took a trip over to the dysfunctional and ambiguous heh heh heh ethics website to see if ms. shehee and/or mr. reilly were piyush "bobby" jindal campaign contributors.

not surprisingly it turns out that ms. shehee is a major contributor. looks like her daughter margaret kicked in a few bucks too.
right on time the shehee family business, kilpatrick life insurance, co. gives piyush lots and lots of cash as well.

we couldnt find sean reilly's name on the list this doesnt mean that its not there somewhere, just that we didnt find it today but his dad kevin p. reilly his name is on there:
jennifer eplett reilly according to the below piece from the new york times is the wife of sean reilly.

new york times link

so looks like if you want a job in the piyush "bobby" jindal administration be prepared to (in case you havent already) fork over lots and lots of dollars.

we wonder what this list here and here of rats from around central louisiana are gonna get out it?
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