03 October 2007

shocking apd video

justice for the alexandria 1
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a day in the life of a black female in alexandria, louisiana:

picture this...its easter sunday and you're getting ready for church when suddenly your property is swarmed by a multitude of alexandria, louisiana police officers. they say that they are there looking for someone who works for your husband and who they say was involved in a burglary. they want permission to search the outbuilding around back where he lives so you give them permission to enter that one area of your property.

in the meantime, they want permission to enter your home and search it as well to which you refuse. you then tell the officers that you are leaving to attend easter sunday services at your church.

the next thing you know a police cruiser is behind you and suddenly turns on its siren and blue lights. you stop and are told not to be "a smart ass" then are unceremoniously hauled from your car tasered (for safety reasons) and brutally tackled. then you're cuffed and tossed into the back of another police cruiser. all without any explanation -- in fact the police had no probable cause to pull you over in the first place as they had just observed you leaving your home and already knew that no one else was in your car.

with this in mind, inexplicably you are charged with flight from an officer and resisting arrest which is a total fabrication because as you can see from the video the victim was not fleeing from an officer. furthermore, to resist arrest you have to be in the process of being arrested...for another charge - you follow?

this is the way some everyday citizens in alexandria are treated by their own police department. as you can see some elements of the alexandria, louisiana police department follow no law save their own. they are rogues and jack booted thugs and its high time that the apd is investigated and made an honorable organization that all alexandrian's can be proud of -- once and for all.

therefore, we demand that the use of the dangerous and deadly tasers by the alexandria police department be stopped at once as apd obviously isnt competent enough to carry, much less use them;

that the officers in question be suspended without pay until an thorough investigation is completed;

that the united states justice department launch such an investigation - not because we think the feds are all that great because we dont but because we know that the state and locals will do nothing about this situation -- in fact we have every reason to believe that they operate together, nefariously, as we have shown in this post;

that alexandria police chief daren coutee be a leader for a change, get control of the police force and be on all the people's side.

alexandria, louisiana is only thirty-four miles from jena, louisiana scene of the jena 6 and you can see that very little race wise other than that short distance separates them. perhaps the reverends jackson and sharpton can make a return trip to alexandria as after the sham arrest of the two red necks with the nooses in their presence, police racism returned as the norm in alexandria as when the city was stealing black peoples cars under the guise of the 'abandoned' car ordinance, swat team raiding black business as in the case of club retro, arresting black youth for 'baggy pants' and beating up black women on the way to church easter sunday.

apd arrest report
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