05 October 2007

marty thiels

UPDATE: S.2272 was signed into law by president bush on 12 march 2008

UPDATE: S.2272 passes house on 28 february 2008 and now awaits the presidents signature

UPDATE: update on S.2272

UPDATE: S.2272 john "marty" thiels south park station

downtown alexandria, la shooting incident
thursday 04 october 2007

marty thiels
courtesy photo via the town talk
john martin (marty) thiels obituary at hixson brothers funeral home
see the town talk photo gallery: thiels, giordano funerals
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email from a friend of wst... who works downtown:
Several of us are putting up Blue Ribbons in Memoriam to Marty Thiels, The United States Postal Employee that delivered mail to us on Washington Street where the incident occurred.

Our Hearts go out to His survivors; the Survivors of the deceased that worked at the Law Firm, the injured Employees from the firm and their families, and the family of the City Employee involved in the incident.

As you are aware via News reports; the more accurate story involved.

The shooters on the roof were SWAT team members preparing for the eventuality of the event.

Washington and Lee Street was sealed off and Law Enforcement was unsure if the Shooter was lose. Several plain clothes Police Officers, Probation and Parole Agents, and FBI, were going several directions at once carrying weapons adding to the confusion as to who the Shooters was and if he was outside the building and on the move.

No more inside information as to whether or Not law enforcement officers were injured.

The robot was sent in last night to determine if the Hostages were still hostages, or casualties of the Shooters actions.

SRT entered the building after blowing the door down, and when SRT exited, the Shooter, the Mail Man and an Attorney were deceased.

The mail man, in his official capacity as a Government Employee, Marty Thiels, was well Known in the Downtown/Government area, was seen everyday on his route in those buildings, by many people, and will be greatly missed.

My hat goes off to APD and the Sheriffs Office for their Rapid Response to a call indicating Violence; especially to those calls involving Government/Public type offices that deal with the public at large, some of them distraught, on a daily basis.
For immediate release
Accounts set up for donations for Giordano & Thiels families

Alexandria, LA (October 5, 2007) - Accounts have been established at Red River Bank for the families of Joey Giordano & Marty Thiels, the recent downtown Alexandria shooting victims. Donations are being accepted at all Red River Bank locations in central Louisiana.

The accounts have been set up to help the families with miscellaneous expenses such as the education of their children.

For more information about the special accounts set up for the Giordano and Thiels families, call Red River Bank at 318-561-5800.
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