29 July 2009

anti redflex scamera activism takes the wrong tact

we've been seeing that the msm has been reporting more and more about the rising frustration americans are showing towards the redlight scameras.

unfortunately, all the news accounts that we've read, so far, are about citizens attacking redflex personnel and/or property and thats just wrong.

yes the people who work for redflex (as well as all the other scamera "vendors") suck and should be encouraged instead to find honest, respectable work that they can be proud of.

odds are that you're just gonna get caught and have to pay for the damages -- plus the scamera companies have plenty of replacement parts and can always get more. so, in most cases, you're only going to slow them down for a few days, if that.

the citizenry might be more productive in their endeavors to end the redflex (and other) scam[s], if they would instead focus all their energy towards the political-governmental criminals who dont mind lining their pockets while looting -- if not the letter -- then certainly the spirit of both the federal and louisiana constitutions.

criminals who are seeking to subvert the constitution and to diminish our bill of rights have no right to hold any office in the land.

how long do you think that the scameras would last in louisiana if ... for instance, joey durel, tony tramel, la gop fraudster and alien agent, charlie buckels; the rest of the lafayette consolidated government council and the pet shop bois crime gang were afraid that everytime they stick their head out the door they're gonna get a jackhandle up side it? or how about if everytime they appear in public the crowds jeer them and spit on them?

the question that louisianans as well as the rest of americans are faced with now: is the constitution, particularly the federal constitution and bill of rights worth defending? or, are we better off as slaves?

governments at all levels no longer fear the people. in fact they are bound and determined to use the power and authority of their offices to bring the people to heel. they are systematically working a plan together to steal from and to loot the citizenry blind.

so until the people decide they've had enough and demand constitution obeying, liberty and freedom loving and god-fearing leaders, we are only going to see louisiana continue to degrade.

but all this spitting and nastiness as well as violence, bloodshed and potential loss of life is unnecessary if only those louisianaians and americans, so called, would heed second chronicles seven verse fourteen, the ancient of days has promised that he would remove these criminals for us!