25 July 2009

mystery substance sends louisiana cops to the hospital

when we first saw this story we were wondering if zog was experimenting with how to spread panic while controlling the outbreak of an nbc attack and using louisiana cops for the guinea pigs.

the story didnt make sense. who would "commingle" a "pesticide" together with fruit and cocaine and think that they wouldnt get in trouble for it, from someone?

local cops should be skeptical of anything that the feds are attempting to rope them into.

a couple of years ago msnbc ran a few times a documentary type story (which we havent been able to locate on their website) of how a lot of cops out west were mysteriously coming down with cancer.

the link they all shared: they were all involved in taking down meth labs.

click here to download five page .pdf [133 kb]

here is an msm news item about it that we could locate. but notice how the sick cops are being steered towards scientology.

the breitbart commenter markmarchiafava, however, put it all in its proper context:
while the truck may have contained several kilos, what actually caused their sickness was something totally different: a copy of the bill of rights. ~ mystery substance sickens la. cops; 18 quarantined