31 March 2010

rhode island the "new" "new orleans?"

an emailer wonders:

Rhode Island is under water from heavy rains.

In all the pictures I saw of Flooding I didn’t see any troops in there, or any military vehicles.

Is the Federal Government Slow in responding to this disaster too?
before we received this email we hadnt heard much about whats turning out to be rhode island's record flooding.

according to this report its the worst flooding there in century or more.

this report says that rains "isolated communities as it washed out bridges and rippled across thoroughfares from maine to connecticut."

angelo padula jr runs an auto restoration shop in west warwick, rhode island, he said:
"I think we're all done," he said. "If the federal government doesn't give us disaster money, I don't think we can ever come back from this. You're talking millions and millions of dollars in these businesses. Now I know how the people in New Orleans felt."
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