11 March 2010

UPDATED alexandria la mayor jacques roy mysteriously cancels radio appearance

UPDATED 7:31 pm cst thursday 11 march 2010

lamar white, jr., assistant to city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy, responded to our 6:07 pm wednesday update (below) with the following "tweet:"

that tweet in a nutshell is the roy regime. they are ruled by their emotions like an animal or a child. they are all about "getting back at" or "getting even" with someone they have perceived to have slighted them, (whether it was for cause or not) rather than doing an honest, respectable or even competent job for the citizens of alexandria.

wouldnt it have been more professional if mr. white would have responded to our email with something like:
in the future, please do not contact me with these types of inquiries.

instead, please contact ken juneau at (318) 715-0802.


when are alexandrians going to demand a city government that they can be proud of?


link to audio page

bob madison on the ksyl talk back live preshow, announced that mayor roy canceled his scheduled friday 12 march 2010 appearance.

wst... has emailed mayoral assistant lamar white, jr. for a comment. if we hear back we will post it here.
UPDATE: 6:07 pm cst well we never heard back from the mayoral assistant. this is more evidence of the roy regime's arrogance and contempt towards regular folks attempting to ask it reasonable questions.