01 March 2010

a hillbilly doesnt like being told to 'get over it'

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so a local guy who happens to be an elected official and hosted an early am (7:30 - 8:00) talk radio show gets "fired" and a handful of people get bent out of shape about it.

the first call on our clip is actually the second call in sequence. this caller is mad because another radio announcer told him to "get over it" about the firing. if you listen to the second caller which is actually the first call - the one that this guy is complaining about, you can see that the voices dont even match. its not the same person.

the third caller has a proper handle on things. for instance, he suggests that the next time they have (congressman) turn-coat and treasonous traitorous rat rodney alexander on the air, they should ask him how much money he gets from the insurance companies.