29 March 2010

god save us! the loony looziana legislature is in session

it's that time of year again when that outrageous collection of freaks, perverts, criminals and so-forth and so-on, gather together in baton rouge to do the bidding of their real owners -- the lobbyists, special interests and corporations and to consolidate even more power to their masters to control the people with, stealing even more of their "freedom" through the power of the state by creating out of thin air unwanted and unneeded "crimes" and "rules" and "regulations" and to top it all off by stealing the people's labor in the form of money for taxes and "fees" in order to give it to their criminal friends.
flashback to 24 june 2009 the louisiana legislature state house of representatives, had themselves a little rap concert performance, courtesy of hurricane chris....it went something like this...

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c.b. forgotston on moon griffon radio program this morning on what to expect from the usual suspects this session.