16 March 2010

thefts from graves at forest lawn cemetery in kingsville

we have family buried at forest lawn behind and to the side of the last supper memorial right close to frank joseph "nunu" and his brother sonny giordano.

seems like "nunu" was shot and killed by the alexandria police department while attempting to rob the rapides bank branch on bolton avenue. supposedly, as the story goes, when sonny found out about it, he pulled up a tree in his yard and swore vengeance against the officers involved, so they had to leave town in a hurry.

when sonny died back in the late '90's the town talk ran the headline "one man crime wave dies."

anyway, back in the '80's our grandpa used to complain a lot about how the flowers he was placing on his mother and sons graves were being stolen.

we used to wonder if grandpa wasnt getting senile because we couldnt imagine anyone stealing flowers much less stealing flowers from off a headstone. but looks like he was right and apparently these freaks have moved up from stealing just flowers to lots of other things.