01 December 2012

lee rubin "it was my turn" to be next alexandria, la., city councilman at-large

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prescient? refreshingly candid? a freudian slip? -- "it was my turn" was the answer alexandria, la. city council at-large candidate, lee rubin chose to give to the question put to him by fred rosenfeld on why is he running for the alexandria city council at-large seat.
source: louisiana sec'y of state elections website
mr. rubin was in studio at ksyl am 970, friday, 30 november 2012, to appear on the talkback 970 preshow with fred and bob program. the primary was on 06 november. mr. rubin finished second with 32.12% of the vote out of a six man field.

the runoff is on saturday, 08 december 2012, when he will face the incumbent -- roosevelt johnson. councilman johnson received 39.94% of the primary vote.

here's the thing, we dont want either one of 'em. neither would have been our first choice in the primary.

councilman johnson wouldnt be so bad if he would grow a backbone and stop being a puppet. dude you're not crafty at plotting and deceit. so stop.

it's obvious that the mayor and the silk stocking gang have a lot at stake in this election. they've poured tons of money into mr. rubin's coffers in an effort to solidify the control by the mayor and his gang over the majority city council votes and by extension the public fisc and governmental power.

the results of their massive psyop arent all that impressive. although, at least one person as late as monday, 05 november 2012, election eve, was on ksyl radio predicting that councilman johnson wouldnt even make the runoff.

one glaring omission in this interview that we noticed which mostly speaks to the ethics and integrity or lack thereof of cenla broadcasting -- in that they didnt require the interviewer/show cohost fred rosenfeld to disclose that a local company he owns, the parc england boutique hotel, contribute to the lee rubin campaign.

that was an especially egregious oversight when seeing how it was reported by steve coco from his cenla news blog back on 07 october 2012.

anyway, this race has many fascinating dynamics -- one being how many of the non-johnson votes were more anti-roy than anti-johnson votes? mr. rubin was seen from the start of the race as being the mayor's boy; as far as we know the only one who could be considered outright pro-roy. the only other candidate might be milton gordon who probably looks at the mayor's plans favorably.

so even though mr. rubin was correct when he pointed out to the gannett/alexandria daily town talk that 60% of the electorate voted against the incumbent --  with this whole pro and anti-roy dynamic vibrating through the city the numbers still dont add up to an inevitable rubin victory.

one the other hand the mayor and the silk stocking gang did manage to finally get rid of myron lawson and that was an at-large election too. albeit a few years or in a political sense an eternity ago.

but -- around the same time, charles fredrick "droopy draws" smith was defeated for reelection to the city council despite the mayor and his gangs support.

wst... disclosure: as we pointed out here, we have a wager on the outcome of this race. 
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