20 March 2013

rapides regional medical center sued for snake infestation

the petition for damages of staci saucier and her husband joseph, states that on 02 april 2012 they were at rapides regional medical center with their daughter who was scheduled for surgery.

their daughter was brought into the surgery prep area and while waiting there with her, a nurse entered the room and moved a cart that was near the side of the room.

when the cart was moved it revealed a snake (what kind of snake the petition doesnt say but does it really matter?) coiled up and in the striking position.

not unexpectedly, the sight of a snake in there freaked ms. saucier out.  according to the petition she has a phobia of snakes.

ms. saucier fled from the room and struck a wall or the door which caused an injury to her person. also, according to the petition, the sight of a snake in the hospital aggravated a pre-existing condition and caused her great mental distress.

the petition for damages is filed by alexandria, la., attorney w. jay luneau of the luneau law office and is allotted to ninth judicial district court judge harry f. randow.

click here to download seven page .pdf [146 kb]