28 May 2012

war is a racket

at one time, smedley darlington butler, major general, united states marine corps., deceased, was and might still be, the most highly decorated marine in the history of the corps. this means that "old gimlet eye" had the potential to have made a halfway decent sailor.

believe it or not but general butler was a republican! of course this was 70 - 80 years ago when being a republican actually meant something.

also to his eternal credit he supported the bonus army. while to their eternal shame and damnation the united states senate, president hoover along with macarthur, eisenhower and patton betrayed them.

war is a racket book review from an amazon.com customer:

By Abe Vigoda "madinventor" (Brooklyn, NY USA)

This review is from: War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier (Paperback)

Dear readers, I first heard of Major General Smedley Butler when I joined the Marines twelve years ago.

Hearing of his exploits while in Boot Camp, us recruits all wished we had as much guts as this Demi-God.

Imagine my surprise now, after having learned that our brave and tough idol had confessed to being the best "enforcer" for big business there ever was! He then became a whistle blower of the highest order.

Brave and honest men and women who attain some kind of fame on the world stage do not get to live too long in this world. Their outspokenness is extinguished as soon as people start listening.

In General Butler's case there was a glitch in the system. He rose to the heights in rank because of his courage, heart, and tenacity during times of WAR.

They had no choice but to elevate him. He earned his unobstructed view of how the world works with blood, sweat, and tears.

When he realized that he was just being used... All hell broke loose. His passionate essay in this book should be read by everyone living in this great country. He tells it the way it was and the way it still is.

It's going to be a while before someone else from so high-up steps "out of line" and talks. Can you imagine this happening nowadays? Not gonna happen. It seems that Generals are now chosen for political reasons.

So read this book about the brave General who showed even more courage as a Civilian. ~ read this and other reviews at amazon.com here
four legendary marines and medal of honor winners. (left to right) sergeant major john henry quick, major general wendell cushing neville, lieutenant general john archer lejune, major general smedley darlington butler

smedley darlington butler circa 1920's

War is a Racket
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smedley darlington butler memorial at find-a-grave
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