30 May 2012

third circuit upholds habitual offender bill and twenty year prison sentence for lower third street hydrocodone slinger

it must have been cases like this -- that led to those "boss wagner" radio ads.

although we supported and eventually voted to reelect chuck wagner as sheriff of rapides parish, we believed that his constant public bragging about all the drug arrests the sheriff's office had and were making was a big mistake.

while such talk might have been lauded twenty years ago, anyone of any reasonable intelligence now knows that the war on some drugs has been a colossal failure, has cost everyone a major loss of our freedoms, increased corruption as well as being a severe waste of taxpayer money -- so why is this all that he had to run for reelection on?

if only sheriff wagner had went after all the crooked politicians, governmental officials and white collar criminals who have always found refuge in rapides parish because they are protected by law enforcement, the district attorney and the judicial system -- with such abandon, he would have been sheriff for life.
the citizenry would have demanded to have built a memorial to him on the court house grounds.

crooked politicians and corruption are what people are concerned about these days. not drugs.

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