22 February 2011

muammar gaddafi's "appalling" speech of 22 february 2011

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around 5:53 pm tripoli, libya time. col. gaddafi through state t.v. addressed the libyan people.

his speech was so bizarre such as his repeatedly referring to the libyan protesters as rats, cockroaches, drug addicts, mercenaries and so forth that press tv at around twenty-eight minutes into it chose to cut-a-way and bring in some commentators --. although they may have done so before, this is the first time that we've ever seen press tv break-a-way from any leaders speech while still in progress.

one press tv political analysis from damascus, nabeel al-samman, observes that gaddafi is at "the end of his rope now" and that the he doesnt make sense.

gaddafi brags about being a revolutionary but is suppressing a revolution. gaddafi doesnt offer any programs to resolve the problem. instead, gaddafi is pitting people against each other.

mr. al-samman says that gaddafi is complaining about the united states -- yet it was gaddafi who cooperated with the u.s. so many times. he says that gaddafi changes alliances just to stay in power.

nabeel al-samman: gaddafi is a jew! "everyone knows about it." gaddafi's mother was a jewess.

as far as drug addicts: "[gaddafi's] son was involved with an italian [jewess] actress and he was arrested in switzerland many times because he hit the policeman.

in italy, his son was involved with a jewess italian actress with drugs and he talking about the people they are on drugs -- gaddafi, this guy doesnt make sense."

jackson allers, a journalist in beirut says that if there are any foreign elements in libya sowing discord then gaddafi is the one who let them in.

"if these foreign elements are in libya sowing discontent as he says, then he is the one that allowed for them to be there -- the truth of the matter is: libya has a very strong secret service and the idea that he would allow for anyone in this country to actually enact any sorts of dissent or sow the seeds of dissent with the so called drug addicts or the rodents, the dogs, as he is calling them -- absolutely appalling language to be calling your own people in these ways, i dont see the advocacy of such an argument.

i do think that it's against the interests of the west to have this kind of violence ensue because your precious oil reserves are at stake. the free flow of oil in this case. we've seen the price of oil shoot up to over $100.00 a barrel; i dont see how that could serve their interests for example.

so i do think thats a bit of an incorrect analysis on the situation. i think a better question to ask, in this case, is, why has it come to this point that the people are in the streets protesting in a way, taking over state military structures, taking over things that are the sort of sacred institutions of the revolution. the things that gaddafi prides them on and the fact that gaddafi says that we havent used all of our power yet?

i think that hes really blowing a lot of smoke up in the air. i dont think that he really has too much to stand on and i'am really afraid for where this is going."
yahya al-arizi, university professor, damascus, says that gaddafi is trying to intimidate people such as how his speech was full of threats. professor al-arizi points out that there are thousands of protesters in the streets and no one can expect that all those thousands are drug addicts or to be people just protesting "for the hell of it or the sake of it."