17 February 2011

why do secret homosexuals complain the most about ... homosexuals?

a couple of tweets that recently appeared in our twitter timeline here and here reminded us of that age old question.

not surprisingly, there is a web site "ranker" that makes lists of various things; one of their lists is "top 10 14 anti-gay activists caught being gay."

earlier this month the blogger perez hilton (who is homosexual) complained in a post about a piece of [according to mr. hilton: anti-gay] legislation that a utah state representative has introduced.

utah goings-on are of no concern to us -- especially considering that louisiana's own collection of freaks, perverts, criminals and lunatics will soon enough be convening in baton rouge (twice this year) to deprive us of even more liberty and property.

however, one of the perez hilton commenters, exbff, left a comment that we found worth reproducing here:
No way those lips haven't touched wood. Come on out precious…it's ok.