18 April 2012

alexandria, la. city councilman edward larvadain iii sues over april 2011 monroe street at cricket street crash

according to his "petition for damages and discovery," councilman larvadain was operating his 2005 caddy in alexandria on monroe street, headed east, while the defendant was traveling south on cricket street in his 1999 toyota vehicle, when he ran the stop sign at the intersection; colliding with councilman larvadain.

unfortunately, we've not been able to locate a cricket street on google maps, bing, mapquest or the usps zip code locator.

anyway, councilman larvadain "avers" that his damages exceed the liability policy issued to the defendant so he is going after his own insurer, state farm, to make up the difference.

the suit is filed by alexandria, la., attorney malcolm xerxes larvadain and is allotted to ninth judicial district court judge, john c. davidson.

click here to download twelve page .pdf [273 kb]