02 April 2012

fred rosenfeld on wst... jonathan goins mayoral run post

we were amused thursday morning, 29 march 2012, to hear ksyl talkback 970 pre-show co-host fred rosenfeld's analysis of our 20 march 2012 post: "rumors of mayoral run by former alexandria city councilman jonathan goins are true."

click here to download audio .mp3 file [1.15 mb]
the point of the post, if there was one, was merely to document our reaction, as well as mr. goins, at hearing his co-host bob madison's statement that mr. goins "may be running for [alexandria, la.] mayor," and our impression of it all. nothing more, nothing less.

we'll have to wait -- like most everyone else till the summer of 2014, or beyond, to see if he qualifies.