24 August 2012

burton p. guidry announces formation of exploratory committee in anticipation of seeking the office of louisiana attorney general in the fall of 2015

wst... note: we received the below press release this morning:

Burton P. Guidry for Attorney General 2015

111 La Rue Concord, Suite B

Abbeville, Louisiana 70510

Phone: 337.740.0834

Fax: 888.332.4880

Email: burtonguidryforAG2015@gmail.com


Burton Paul Guidry, Louisiana lawyer and former Assistant Attorney General for 8 ½ years has announced today that he is forming an exploratory committee in anticipation of seeking the office of Louisiana Attorney General in the fall of 2015.

Mr. Guidry’s experience includes being Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal, Civil and Executive Divisions of that office and as the lead counsel on a number of cases of national and international importance. He has represented Louisiana in Washington DC before the United States Trade Commission and the United States Congress. He has also represented a number of state agencies and officials throughout Louisiana and the Federal Courts including the governor and other statewide officials.

In addition, he has been an Assistant Parish Attorney and City Prosecutor for East Baton Rouge Parish and a Capital Certified Public defender in the 15th Judicial District comprised of Lafayette, Acadia, and Vermilion Parishes. He was also appointed as chief City Attorney for the Town of Slaughter in East Feliciana Parish and has taught a number of legal courses throughout his 32 year legal career.

“The Attorney General of Louisiana should be the chief legal officer for this state and should never abdicate his responsibilities and authority to a select number of law firms who also happen to be his biggest contributors at election time.

In addition, the Louisiana Department of Justice is the most serious professional agency of our government and its leader should not be guided by the winds of politics or the party in power, but by professional and scholarly legal precedent and thought. Our chief lawyer should be articulate, intelligent and not focused on entertainment or promoting himself at every opportunity.

We should choose Louisiana’s lawyer not by political party or affiliation, but by experience, strategic acumen, intelligent articulation and personal and professional fortitude. We do not need an entertainer or a politician, but a full time legal workhorse in the job.

If I run and am elected to this important office, I can promise that I will seek no other office than this one, I will have no other career than Louisiana’s Lawyer, and that all of my talent and time will be dedicated to the people of Louisiana, not to the politics of the day.

I also promise to seek and obtain advice from every person in Louisiana who may have any particular talent or experience and to judiciously spend your tax money wisely in any litigation. Finally, the Louisiana Department of Justice will become a full service people’s law firm, open 24 hours each day, assisting citizens without regard for political or economic position, as far as the law and good ethics will allow.”
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Burton P Guidry Resume August2012
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