16 August 2012


16 january 1971 receiving the u.s. jaycees award as "one of the ten most outstanding young men of the nation" for 1970.

i would like to thank the jaycees for electing me as one of the outstanding young men.

when i was a child ladies and gentlemen, i was a dreamer and,

i read comic books and i was the hero of the comic book,

i saw movies and i was the hero in the movie,

so every dream that i ever dreamed has come true a hundred times,


i would like to say that, i learned very early in life, that:

without a song, the day would never end,

without a song, a man ain't got a friend,

without a song, the road would never bend,

without a song, so i keep singing a song.
"promised land" (fan video undated clips)
working on a t-bone steak a la carte flying over to the golden state, the pilot told us in thirteen minutes he would set us at the terminal gate, swing-low chariot come down easy taxi to the terminal zone, cut your engines and cool your wings and let me make it to the telephone
"funny how time slips away" live
let her have it, let her have it man
"introductions by elvis" aloha from hawaii: via satellite
recorded 14 january 1973 ~ released 14 february 1973 ~ broadcast 04 april 1973
... the little girl with the beautiful high voice is kathy westmoreland... and the guy who gives me my scarves and sings harmony with me and general flunky: his name is charlie hodge ...
"an american trilogy" ~ elvis aloha from hawaii: via satellite
for in dixie land, i was born, early lord one frosty morn
"always on my mind" (fan created clip)
little things i should have said and done -- i just never took the time ...
"cant help falling in love" aloha from hawaii: via satellite
theres a song we did in blue hawaii that we did here about ten years ago and i'd like to sing it specially for you ...