19 September 2012

3rd circuit affirms state supremes reversal in jimmy deramus / cajun pawn stars / silver dollar pawn shop burgle case

in june we posted about the state supremes reversing the third circuit in a case involving local pawn czar and teevee celebrity jimmy deramus. note: the internet movie database and the court pleading spell mr. deramus name differently.

today the third circuit got around to releasing an updated and unpublished opinion.

On original hearing, this court reversed Defendant’s conviction and sentence, finding insufficient evidence to support the conviction. See State v. Woods, 11-799 (La.App. 3 Cir. 2/1/12), 84 So.3d 773.

The Louisiana Supreme Court disagreed. In State v. Woods, 12-505 (La. 6/29/12), 91 So.3d 289, the court vacated our prior decision, reinstated Defendant’s conviction and sentence, and remanded for consideration of the remaining assignments of error which were pretermitted on original appeal.

We now address those assignments and affirm.
click here to download seven page .pdf [105 kb]