25 September 2012

rapides district 2 fire chief randy mccain explains reasoning behind 06 november 2012 tax call

Hi! My name is Randy McCain and I am the Fire Chief of Rapides Parish Fire District No. 2.

I would like to explain what the proposition for Fire District No. 2 on Nov. 6 is about.

We are attempting to "rededicate" the tax call (verbiage used in a proposition) so we can legally run medical calls.

According to an Attorney General's opinion (in real simple terminology), a Fire District cannot take funds dedicated for one thing (fire suppression, education, prevention etc.) and use them for something else (medical calls).

Fire District No. 2 has been in existence since 1953.

Every 10 years or so since, voters have elected for us to continue serving them, however the wording on the tax call has not changed to reflect the changing environment associated with the fire service.

In 1953, medical calls were not synonymous with fire departments as they are today.

We are attempting to provide the service of first responder medical response but must change the antiquated verbiage so we can legally do so.

We are not asking for any additional funding, we are very simply attempting to change the wording so we can lawfully provide this much needed service.

This is not a renewal but a "rededication" so if it were to fail, we would continue providing fire protection as we have since 1953.

As public servants, we are dedicated to helping the residents of the communities we respond to.

We feel this is a "win, win" for these residents and are excited about the possibility of this additional service.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss this with me in greater detail, I would love to.

Very few times does one get to vote on something that could benefit its community so greatly without having to pay additional tax monies.

Thank you for your time. Randy McCain

Thank you,

Chief Randy McCain
Rapides Parish Fire Dept
District #2
5104 Ransbottom Dr.
Alexandria, La 71302-2741

wst... note: chief mccain responded to our question as to whether or not this tax is an "in perpetuity" tax, this way: "No, will still come up every 10 years. It was just passed in 2010 so it will come back up in about 8 more years."