14 February 2013

city of alexandria la seeks declaratory judgment determining the validity of ordinance 236-2012

the petition for declaratory judgment of the city of alexandria, la., seeks the court to determine the validity of ordinance 236-2012 {.pdf from page 8), which:

"appropriates additional funds, within the budget of the city of alexandria for the purpose of providing to regular, properly-tenured [employees] for the purposes of the payments hereunder, full-time city employees ['qualified employees'] a 'one-time salary supplement payment.'"
apparently, there is a question as to whether supplemental payments to salaries to city employees violate article 7 sec.14(A) of the louisiana constitution of 1974 which pertains to "donation, loan, or pledge of public credit."

the petition for declaratory judgment, to be served on louisiana attorney general james d. "buddy" caldwell, is filed on 05 february 2013 by alexandria, la., city attorney charles e. johnson, jr., with an assist from, cough, cough, misty antoon, docketed at number 246,619 and allotted to ninth judicial district court judge harry f. randow.

click here to download fifteen page .pdf [552 kb]