16 February 2013

anti-fluoridation knowledge going mainstream

recently americans for limited government, chairman, howard rich, penned a piece to their netright daily.com blog project entitled: "fighting fluoridation: fringe no more."

it's encouraging to see articles about the hazard and folly of water fluoridation in more mainstream outlets because so many people simply will not believe anything is true until the main stream media tells them so.

with this article you can now consider yourself as having permission to discuss water fluoridation without risk of being tagged a conspiracy theorist.

as far as louisiana -- louisiana has a mandatory water fluoridation law in effect since 2008. yes 2008 not 1958. this is due to the machinations of corrupt, criminal, lake charles democratic state senator, willy landry mount and her state house partner in crime, corrupt, criminal, monroe rino, kay "bucket of bolts" katz. 

mount's SB312 was signed into law by that subversive rino weasel piyush "bobby" jindal.