18 January 2010

martin luther king jr day

a lot of people are down on the martin luther king, jr., holiday. they say that it honors a communist and an agitator and a plagiarist and philanderer and so forth. to us its just another day, no different from the other 364 or 5 days in any year.

one thought that does always come to mind on this day, is the memory we have of our physical education teacher (a black man) at peabody magnet (a majority black school
) who one day told his class that there would be a national holiday to honor elvis presley, before there would ever be one to honor martin luther king. he was proven wrong just a few short years later.

the martin luther king, jr., holiday became law [public law 98-144] through H.R.3706 a bill sponsored by rep. katie hall of indiana, to amend title 5, united states code, to make the birthday of martin luther king, jr., a legal public holiday.

H.R.3706 had 108 co-sponsors including louisiana's own lindy boggs, gillis long and billy tauzin.

prominent rino's like newt "the hoot" gingrich and jack kemp supported it too. this blog has a list of representatives and senators who voted against H.R.3706.

click here to download a ten page .pdf [76 kb] essay on how the king holiday happened

one part of the martin luther king, jr. holiday that we always find humorous, is that while the right wingers complain about the holiday, they always conveniently manage to leave out the part that it was ronnie raygun who signed H.R. 3706 into law.

the right wingers still, to this day, venerate this clown when he was one of the biggest frauds ever to occupy the oval office. we mean c'mon the do0d was an actor - that should have been their first clue.

anyway, our interest in martin luther king, jr., lies in his assassination and all the conspiracy theories that have grown up around it. like -

martin luther king - the fatal shot came from a different direction/overlooked evidence in the murder of dr. martin luther king, jr.

and keidi awadu explains how reverend jesse jackson was involved in the assassination of martin luther king.

enjoy your holiday.
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