26 January 2010

scribd documents had a glitch

we just received an email from scribd which tells us that some of the documents we had uploaded there this weekend had some sort of "event" in which they were marked as private instead of public.

one of the documents inadvertently set to private by scribd is the vikings at saints game/stat sheets we had embedded in our previous post. we've reset it to public and regret the mix-up.

In response to an event that occurred the weekend of 24-25 January 2010, the following documents have been made private and are only viewable by you.

If you intended these documents to be viewable to the general public, you can easily make them public by clicking the links below and changing the visibility from "Private - keep this document secret" to "Public - anyone can see this document":

  • Citizens United v Federal Election Commission 21 January 2010

  • Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act 2002

  • Congressionally Chartered Nonprofit Organizations ("Title 36 Corporations"): What They Are and How Congress Treats Them 2004

  • National Football League Game Summary Minnesota Vikings At New Orleans Saints

  • Thanks,
    The Scribd Team