05 January 2010

movie filmed partially at the hotel bentley gets 'limited theatrical release' after all

back on 31 march 2009 we posted about an interview we had stumbled across with chris evans one of the castmembers of the film "the loss of a teardrop diamond."

in that interview with the advocate, mr. evans said that he didnt believe that the film was going to be able to find distribution and he surmised that it would be released to video dvd instead.

today however, chad over at the dead pelican sends us to a baton rouge advocate story which reports that the film "finally has made its way to limited release in major u.s. cities," including so far: "new york and los angeles and expands this week to memphis, chicago, san francisco, seattle, nashville and other major cities."


The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (PG-13)
UPDATE: contact the grand theatre in alexandria, la. through their website feedback form here or telephone 318-448-7108 and ask them to screen "the loss of a teardrop diamond."

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