07 April 2010

city park players presents ... "steal away"

A Folktale by Ramona King – Directed by Rosa A. Metoyer

Set in Chicago during the early 1930s, the ladies of the N.W.O.Y.E. (Negro Women's Organization for Youth Education) have sent several young women from their church to college, financing the girls' tuition with bake sales.

Their efforts have been a success, but now, the Depression threatens the organization. When an application for a loan is flatly refused by the bank manager’s on grounds that “colored girls shouldn’t waste time on education,” the friends devise an elaborate scheme to “recover” the money from the bank—gangster style—and set the stage for hilarious suspense.

This crowd-pleasing favorite features performances by Andrea Martin, Sylvia Davis, Natalie C.F. Phillips, Karen Riley Simmons, Rosa A. Metoyer and introduces CPP Newcomer Chelsea Hammond.

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courtesy: Sherri L. Jackson
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