04 April 2010

sunday matinée eustace mullins global financial situation

eustace mullins in august 2000 at denver for the global sciences congress talks about american history and his research into the federal reserve bank -- which is neither federal nor a reserve but is actually a privately owned unconstitutional central bank foisted upon american's in 1913.

memorable quote: "now, there was a french philosopher named prudhomme (phonetic - possibly sully prudhomme), about a hundred and fifty years ago, he said, 'all government is a crime.' he didnt say 'some government' he said 'all government is a crime.'

why is 'all government a crime'? because, law enforcement is an essential part of government and when you're in government then you dont have to enforce the law against yourself.

you dont have to arrest yourself and put yourself in jail. so it's very tempting, to criminal minds, to be in a position where they will never have to pay for their crimes and thats the essential draw of government service -- as they call it."